The premise of this project is was to create a concept for a show and create an opening title sequence. The shows specific audience should be defined by the genre and outlet of the program. 
The concept of the show was inspired by the growing popularity of shows with female lead roles and the lack of representation of minorities in the media. My primary target audience would be young women of color who enjoy the liberties that today's society has to offer. The show would depict two roommates, played by Jackie Cruz and Kimiko Glenn, who balance their two sides of their adult lives; the traditional and modern. 
Title Sequence
The opening title sequence is an indirect take on the walk of shame. The story follows a woman waking up and getting dressed, only to follow her home where she then undresses and relaxes. The story is also sprinkled with sexual innuendos. 
The song used in the video is "Soy Yo" by Bomba Estéreo. The song was edited to fit the timing of the video with Apple Garage Band. 
Font used is Roboto.
The Purse
The purse alludes to female genitals in order to push the sexual connotation of the show. Since the concept was risqué, I chose HBO as the outlet for the program. I deemed this appropriate for that outlet by comparing content of other programs on the network.
The initial concepts were in point of view perspective, the viewer would see different actions through the eyes of this woman. As the concept developed the actions changed from grabbing some coffee to being "that passenger" on public transit; smoking, littering, feet up on the seat. The idea of reaching into a purse for different items began to develop in this phase.  
The concept of items placed in the purse was solidified in the illustration phase. The idea of items being dropped into the purse worked as a transition into a new scene. The illustrations were sketched out with pencil and then inked on tracing paper. The inked images were scanned and were further manipulated in photoshop. 

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