The project was a collaboration between Dawn Palmer, Rosendo Tolento, and myself. This case study is a product of an assignment from our Corporate Identity & System class at Sacramento State.

In early 2017 we were given the task to rebrand an existing company. Looking in our area, we chose to focus on the Sacramento Zoo. Together we created a new brand and implemented it on various products.
The Map
We categorized the different areas within the park in order to highlight different experiences the Zoo offers. The different areas were separated and named according to their cardinal locations in relation to each other; North, East, South, and West. There is not a species or a geographic location attached to the area names, this allows for flexibility incase animals need to be moved into different locations. The locations are visually categorized according to color and pattern. These elements are also used in exhibit and way finding signs to reinforce the different areas.
Social Media
Social media platforms were included in the branding because the company's presentation is important in both the digital and real world.
Facebook served as our primary outlet due to its event feature and the "Donate" button allowing users to easily donate the nonprofit organization. 
lnstagram was also used as an outlet. The account creates a visual story of who the organization is, it is consistent and in line with their mission.
Snapchat geofilters were created to enable users to share their experiences at the zoo. 
Conservation Video
Conservation was one of the Sacramento Zoo's themes. "Quarters for Conservation," a pre-existing program, was part of this effort. This video showcases the program and how visitors help to conserve and sustain.
Sub Identity
In-Season is the Zoo's farm to for restaurant. It allows for visitors to continue their experience in a laid back environment where they can enjoy local food. 
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