A Sacramento based free weekly magazine wants to publish a high end quarterly magazine that focuses on different aspect of the city's culture. 
This was a group project in which two of my peers and I researched and delivered a proposal for the Magazine. Upon research we created and shared content to include within the magazine. The content was comprised of interviews, articles, and photographs. Each individual then created a unique magazine to fit our proposal.
We decided to title the magazine Lux Magazine. We did this because it reflected the purpose of the magazine, to shine light on Sacramento's culture. I decided to create a small window on the cover to reveal what is inside the magazine. The issue I focused on was a winter edition, this is why I decided to use a dark blue flood of color. As the issues change the color can also change to fit the content. The content of this issue focused on community within Sacramento. I decided to show a variety of images that portray the community. 

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